July 29, 2015




The region is recognised as being equal to the best examples found anywhere in Australia and the world.

Beechworth is situated at elevation on the continental side of the Victorian Alps; this allows for warm, sunny days to reliably ripen the crop, as well as cool nights, which temper any heat and produce wine grapes with natural balance and elegance. The complex topography coupled with the continental climate provides the opportunity for a multitude of wine styles.

The influence of elevation on temperatures also applies to mean relative humidity, where cooler denser air collects on valley floors leaving the higher areas with a drier atmosphere.

1,200mm at Stanley to around 650mm on the lower western extremes

Mean daily temperatures decline with elevation. The area surrounding the township of Stanley (720m) experiences, on average a heat summation over the growing season (Oct-Apr) of 1,240° Degree Days, while Beechworth (550m) has 1,420° Degree Days, Wooragee (300m) 1,687° Degree Days and the Golden Ball area (280m) 1,725°Degree Days.